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Many players (guitarists so far -  but harmonica players are very welcome) have expressed an interest in attending regular 'get-togethers' to learn licks, styles and techniques from each other. There would be a small charge (£3 a session) to benefit the club. The frequency, time and duration of the session is open to suggestion. 

We are keen to have ideas as to how this could be arranged - it needs to be structured or it could be hell! 

Suggestions so far point to each session needing a theme, whether fingerstyle or slide,- eg, a 'style' - Piedmont, Delta etc, or a technique - eg bass notes, bass runs, passing chords, etc, or everyone work on a particular piece. There could be 'demonstrations' by individuals and/or different players could 'lead' parts of the session. It could finish with an 'open mic' session.

We would still aim to hold occasional workshops with famous players - given sufficient solid interest.

Please email us to let us know if you are interested and ideas for how it could work. 

Open mics...

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Blue Front workshops:

Standards: Fingerstyle workshops:

Participants need to be able to readily play ‘blues progression’ chords  (I, IV, V chords and their majors & sevenths) in keys of G, A, C, D, E, and to be familiar with ‘normal’ 12 bar blues progression.

Familiarity with the rudiments of fingerpicking would be an advantage but not essential. Monotonic and alternating bass taught.

Slide workshops:

Participants need to be able to tune to open G and open D and be familiar with ‘normal’ 12 bar blues progression.  

Familiarity with the rudiments of fingerpicking would be an advantage but not essential. Monotonic and alternating bass taught.

May 2003    Fingerstyle and slide blues guitar  Alan & John

May 2004   Fingerstyle blues guitar  John Miller

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"Based in Seattle, John has been a guitar teacher, recording artist and performer for over thirty years. Beginning with a love of country blues (recording on the Blue Goose label in the early 70’s), John has since played acoustic jazz and latin guitar. Recent work includes a book on 'Fingerpicking Gershwin' and instructional videos on Mississippi John Hurt, Elizabeth Cotton, Furry Lewis, and Bo Carter. John teaches at guitar camps in the USA and at the European Blues Association Weekends and Blues Week."

John helped us identify keys and patterns from recordings and worked us through Son House's 'Depot Blues'.

You can obtain John's teaching material from Weenie Campbell Community - Index

May 2004   Blues slide guitar  Michael Messer

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"Being English with an international reputation for blues slide guitar is a rarity in itself, but Michael’s obsessive appetite for knowledge of the art is virtually unequalled. With an outstanding reputation amongst musicians, he was voted ‘Acoustic Blues Artist of the Year’ at the British blues awards 2003 as an endorsement of his capacity to incorporate styles other than blues into his music such as Hawaiian steel guitar, reggae, rock, hip-hop and King Sunny Ade’s worldbeat sound.

Michael regularly teaches EBA workshops and even has a set of National endorsed strings named for him!"

Michael worked us through some Delta licks and got everyone soloing over a solid groove.

You can obtain Michael's teaching material from 

Other tuition

The European Blues Association puts on regular tuition Blues Weekends and an annual Blues Week - see the EBA website  

Tutors local to Blue Front

John Whipps ALCM, LLCM(TD), FLCM    Whitecroft, Glos - classical and latin guitar            01594-564435

Eddie Martin    Bristol blues guitar and harmonica

Rick Payne      Bristol  fingerstyle guitar