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 The Guitarist's Calendar 2008


 50U-1174_front-detail-4_sm_.jpg (5527 bytes)      GIBSONb45HEAD33.jpg (21179 bytes)     45U-885_body-front_sm_.jpg (9017 bytes)

Miss January             Miss Feb             Miss March

50U-1228_bridge-tailpiece_sm_.jpg (10996 bytes)      572.jpg (13650 bytes)      AMISTA39.jpg (14385 bytes)

Miss April              Miss May            Miss June

GIBSONnicklucasPROFILE33.jpg (14698 bytes)        45U-875_inlays-4_sm_.jpg (11607 bytes)       45U-845_body-front_sm_.jpg (6328 bytes)

     Miss July            Miss August     Miss September

     50U-1214_front-detail_sm_.jpg (10108 bytes)     stella soundhole.jpg (19462 bytes)     50U-1228_headstock-front_sm_.jpg (9008 bytes)       

Miss October       Miss November             Miss December


The Harmonica Player's Calendar 2007

Harp cal.JPG (31145 bytes)

Miss January, Miss Feb,  Miss March, Miss April, Miss May etc....