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Gig Reviews Coleford Festival

Here are some of the nice things people have said about the club:

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                 Christmas 2005                      Early Days                     Just silly...

"An intimate cafe-bar atmosphere" - with plenty of alcohol!

"It's great to see a blues club run as it should be."  Eddie Martin

"A great atmosphere, just like the folk & blues clubs of the 60's."  Roger Cudby, European Blues Association

" A great venue."   Michael Messer

"A perfect venue for us. You can drink and the audience listens!"  Tom Ball & Kenny Sultan

" I sure wish I had a place like this near me!"  Kent DuChaine

"There are some special places and this is one of them."  Papa George

" A really good atmosphere!"  Daniel Smith

"You've got a really nice little place here,"   John Renbourn

"Whitecroft is a brighter place for the blues"  Dave Mahar 

"I'd really like to play here again," Bob Brozman

"A really good venue and a really good crowd. I love playing places like this!" Woody Mann

"Where is this?" Big Bill Morganfield

"A lovely venue  and a really nice crowd"  Big Joe Louis

"What - no dressing room?" G

"You're really on the map."   John Renbourn

"This club has started to grow on me as something different…”  Sister Feelgood , Blues Matters

"You should play there!" Philadelphia Jerry Ricks